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With a shared passion for blues, psychedelia, folk, and above all else noise; friends, and long time collaborators, Freddie Dilworth, Freeman Land, and Ryan Pena formed The Barrelhousers in the temperate Southern California winter. Ever since then, The Barrelhousers have been tirelessly enchanting audiences around the tri-county area with their boundless charisma, wild performances, and energetic music. Over the course of their tenure, they have independently recorded, produced, and distributed three EP’s with compositions ranging anywhere from boisterious acoustic ballads to cacauphonous walls of sounds. Don’t expect to see the same show twice with The Barrelhousers, because they don’t even know what they’re going to do until they turn their equipment on.


Comprised of guitarist Enrique Medina, bassist Ral, drummer Elmer Llamas and vocalist Maxwell Olson, HOTD draws on the varying experiences of each member. Elmer has the green thumb of the band and Enrique and Ral have long been a part of the LA music scene. While Maxwell is very much a newcomer to LA, having been born and raised in Tokyo. Max and Enrique met while attending Long Beach City College, where they both studied music production.

Since the band became fully formed in May, HOTD released a self-titled EP and are currently in the studio recording their debut
full-length to be released by the end of 2012. They have honed their live performances by playing across LA and continue to pursue an aggressive performance schedule. HOTD looks forward to bringing their music to an ever-widening audience.



Facts on File is a Los Angeles-based three-piece indie rock outfit. The trio crafts songs that modernize 60’s garage-rock and 1970s New York punk, putting a spin on pop structure that draws comparisons to Talking Heads, Gang of Four, and The Cars, with hints of Suicide and a synth-free Devo.

In 2005 Joseph White (vocals, bass), member of synth-pop band The Somnambulants, wrote and set aside songs for an indie rock project. During his quest for collaborators, he met fellow San Franciscan Molly Durkin (drums) and the two fleshed out what became Facts on Files first tracks. In 2009, Joseph White moved from the SF Bay Area to L.A., re-building Facts on File and turning it into a Los Angeles local scene staple, performing at numerous local venues and festivals including SXSW (Austin), Mission Creek Music Festival (San Francisco), and Neon Reverb Festival (Las Vegas). In 2010, Facts on File self-released its debut EP, Keep It Together.

Facts on File’s self-titled debut LP, “Facts on File,” was released in April, 2012.