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The Uprooters are a Traditional (progressive) roots reggae band at it’s finest. Infusing the classic tones of the days past “roots” reggae vibe, while incorporating the dynamics of funk, blue, psychedelic and jazz within the musical pot. The band was born out of the Long Beach-Bellflower area, comprised of two guitarist Michael Lewis and Noah Tebbutt, Sean Hogan on Bass and Jeffery Thomas on Drums. The Uprooters are jam band at it’s core, which is evident at their shows, however still manage to be “traditional” conscious song writers..


Comfort crush are a guitary, lush, driven, synthy, heavy, grunge, indie-rock band from Los Angeles.


In the tradition of Bad Religon, Face to Face, MXPX and Green Day,
Harmful if Swallowed brings together high energy punk rock and melodic harmonies to create their unique style. since the release of their debut album “Server…” (2006) They have been regulars on KROQ’s “Locals Only” and their music featured on many MTV shows. in the past year, they have played with LIT, FEAR, Black Pacific and Strung Out. they have completed their 3rd album “Dia De Los Muertos” which will be out in February.


We Are The Apocalypse is the New Orleans born and raised Music Producer/Dj/Filmmaker Nicholas Scott Phoenix. He spent most of his life in the New Orleans Garden District and the historic French Quarter until 2005 when he and his family of many lost everything to Hurricane Katrina and were evacuated to Florida where he later attended college for Entertainment Business.

Stemming from A Rock/Metal/Hardcore musical background and ex lead vocalist of Rock/Hardcore quintet: Radiation Year. His talents have earned him instant recognition amongst the Los Angeles electronic music and party scene and also in the mainstream music world. A master of his own sound, We Are The Apocalypse cultivates his aesthetic sound from the ground up . With a Full Sail University Bachelors Degree in Filmmaking and Graphic Design, his own personally designed visuals and film content convey his transformative vision. Phoenix’s onstage energy during his performance is a force in and of itself, giving this electronic act a uniquely visceral and truly lasting impression.

As his catalog continues to grow with a host of original productions as well as Dub-step-infused remixes for artists as diverse as Jessie J, D Carl’s, Breathe Carolina, Yelawolf, Marilyn Manson, and The Game. He has gained well-deserved attention for co-producing multiple tracks for U.K. Metal band “Asking Alexandria” alongside friend/producer J Gordon of ORGY. Recently, he co-produced beats for Limp Bizkit’s upcoming record, and is currently working on projects featuring I See Stars, Porcelain Black feat. Lil Wayne, The Deuce and Bon Jovi. Filling in as DJ for Yelawolf on Vans Warped Tour, Playing Coachella 2012, and being backed by DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit, House of Pain, Everlast) as well as many other collective aspiring and successful individuals from all over. Phoenix proves himself though his work as a talented true visionary artist without leaving his metal roots far behind. We Are The Apocalypse feeds us a new brand of Dub-step infused with his own progressive style for a truly unique experience. Using the combination of music and dark art to paint a vivid picture of his own shocking aesthetic vision and intern forces us to appeal to our own darkness.