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Few artists are willing to bare it all. However, the ones who do tend to leave a long lasting impression. On her brand new album, Think Twice, Nina Storey doesn’t hold anything back. The soulful and sexy Los Angeles chanteuse delivers honest and hypnotic songs steeped in classic soul pop. Nina’s unique sound and powerful voice has been warmly and enthusiastically embraced by press and media alike. Listed in the “20 To Watch In 2012” by the LA Examiner, Nina will be touring nationally this summer in support of Think Twice. In describing Storey’s vocal prowess, People Magazine wrote, “With a voice like hers, pyrotechnics are redundant,” while Music Connection proclaimed, “By far one of the most powerful and expressive voices in the business today, combining poignant storytelling with memorable melodies.” The Santa Cruz Sentinal described Nina’s music as “…Half Janis, Half Alanis, three parts Virgin Mary, one part Dirty Harry.”


Illegal Download Collection dropped its hybrid sound of 70’s funk, acid jazz, R&B and alternative rock on the Los Angeles music scene in 2007, generating a highly danceable groove – think James Brown meets the Beastie Boys, Aretha Franklin meets Beck – and a knack for packing the dance floor.
Move a groove, nice and easy. Feels so good down in my bones. Dance, dance, dance to the music, Get down, get down and sing along…
Respect the funk.

Danielle Carter – Vocals, Alan Helfand – Guitars, David Kochen – Alto / Tenor Sax, David Krovitz – Percussion, B-Town – Bass, Howard Brodwin – Drums, Josh Kuhn – Vocals & Trombone


It is not any easy task to assign Knight Stalker to a particular genre because the music is an amalgamation of all the members’ musical experiences. However, it is right to say that rock music has been their driving force.  What they create is based on how they gather and construe the vibrations emitted from current and past artists. Knight Stalker is not looking to regurgitate the information gleaned from contemporary or past artists. Instead, these three young men are looking to add to the discussion and leave their own impression in the musical community.