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Carving up a pig in 3 minutes flat!


Here at Bacon Social HQ we cure and smoke pork bellies to make our delicious homemade premium bacon! (FYI: it is available as a big ol’ basket, perfect for sharing, or a 2 slice ad-on to any other menu item). While we don’t go so far as to carve up a full pig ourselves, we […]

Bacon Christmas Tree!


Thanksgiving is over so you know what that means… Christmas time is now upon us. Time to start shopping for presents, hang the lights and most importantly…. get a tree! If you love Bacon as much as we do, perhaps you’ll consider taking a page from Epic Meal Time‘s book and making a BACON CHRISTMAS […]

Infinite Bacon!


Behold the power of modern science! The folks over at Shapeways 3D Printing have created “infinite bacon”. According to the site, the printed Bacon Mobius Strip “is not delicious but also vegan and kosher friendly…” While we here at Bacon Social cannot promise there will be INFINITE Free Bacon at November’s event, there will be […]

Ron Swanson’s Bacon Shortage PSA


Comedian and actor Nick Offerman is at it again, this time making a PSA (as his Parks & Rec character, Ron Swanson) warning us all about the impending bacon shortage (which ended up being overblown).

Bartering with Bacon!


Now this is something we here at Bacon Social HQ can get behind. We love a good deal almost as much and we love delicious smoked and cured pork belly (though we are positive our homemade bacon that we will be serving at the party is much more delicious than this Oscar Mayer junk this […]

A Slam Poem To Bacon


Comedian Nick Offerman (aka Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson) recorded this hilarious ode to bacon for Funny or Die. Enjoy!