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Zagat’s Top 12 Bacon Dishes in LA

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  • baconwrappedfigs
  • baconbiscuit
  • baconwrappedhotdog

Zagat recently posted an article on their blog listing their top 12 favorite bacon dishes in LA. Included on their list are AOC’s Bacon Wrapped Figs, MB Post’s Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits, The Gorbal’s Bacon-Wrapped Matzoh Balls, and Danger Dogs (aka Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs – we serve our own street-food inspired version at Bacon Social). You can view the whole list here.

Which of these porky treats from the article have you tried so far? What dishes are you adding to your must -eat list? My mouth is just watering trying to decide what to try first…

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